Our Clients


Clients Remarks
C&SSI & DICs, GoWB Computer Consultancy Support (ETDC), Website, AMC & Application Software, Computerisation Programme, SSI Survey, Scheme/Project Profile, Handicraft Information, IITF, Handicraft Fair, Annual Reports
DICs AMC, Salary, PMRY, PMEGP, SSI Registration/IIP, EM1, EM2, Scheme Monitoring, BSAI, Incentive Ledger, Visitor Monitoring, Accounts/Allotments, Employee Information, Leave
West Bengal Khadi Board, GoWB Salary, Accounts
WBSIDC, GoWB Website - www.wbsidc.org, Marketing, Estate Lease Agreement, Digitisation, File Movement
SIDA, GoWB Self Employment Programmes
Industrial Census SSI Census of Industries under C&SSI (MSSE&T), Computer Analysis tables and report generation, SSI Frame List, Industries under DICs and Khadi.
Shilpa Barta, GoWB Accounts, Salary, PF, Employee Information, Sales Monitoring
Majusha, GoWB Accounts, Salary, PF, AMC
Bangashree, GoWB AMC, Salary, Accounts,
Spinning Mills, GoWB Production, Salary, Attendence, Purchase, PF, Establishment
Handloom, GoWB Fund Allotment, Weaver Information, Presentation, Website - www.westbengalhandloom.org
Calcutta University Examination System Development, Website
Board of Practical Training ER, GoI Engineering Training Placement, Employee Information, Accounts, Stipend Reimbursement to Offices
WBUAFS, GoWB Agenda Digitisation, Accounts, AMC
WBCHSE, GoWB Website - www.wbchse.org, ICT @School Project Survey (WEBEL Informatics Ltd.)
WBCTE, GoWB Accounts, Establishment
Library Services, GoWB CIS Portal - www.wbpublibnet.gov.in, (WEBEL)
St. Xaviers' Institutions, Panihati Website - www.sxipanihati.org, Student Information, Routine, Marksheet, Result, Fees Collections, Society Fund, Security Deposit
Sudhir Memorial Institution Website - www.sudhirmemorial.org
Minerva, GoWB Website - www.minervakolkata.org
Pancham India Website - www.panchamindia.org
Municipal & Urban Development
Department of Municipal Affairs, GoWB Website - www.wbdma.gov.in, Office Support
Urban Development Department, GoWB JNNURM Website - www.jnnurmwestbengal.gov.in, UD Website - www.wburbandev.gov.in, Office Support, Law Cell
Municipal Service Commission Website - www.mscwb.org
KMDA, GoWB Website - www.kmdaonline.org, JNNURM Monitoring
KMW&SA, GoWB Website - www.kmwsa.gov.in, Web based Project Monitoring, File & Document Movement, Project Accounts, Employee Information
KMC, GoWB AMC, MAT, MMICRE, Manpower Support, SJSRY
West Bengal Valuation Board, GoWB Website - www.wbvb.org, Valuation Software, Accounts, AMC
Panihati Municipality, GoWB Website - www.panihatimunicipality.in, Water Tax, Cash, Vat, Beneficiary Information
Kamarhati Municipality, GoWB Cash, Property Tax, Assesment, Licence, Stores, Building Plan, Market Collection, SJSY, Accounts
Government Office - Establishment & Administration
DM Office (24 Pgs. North & South), GoWB
MGNREGA Website North http://north24parganas.gov.in/mgnrega/nrega/index.php, SC/ST Software South
Zilla Parishad, GoWB Website - www.hooghlyzp.org, AMC,
SDO Office (Barrackpore, S. 24 Pgs ), GoWB Website - www.barrackpore.gov.in, Salary, Election, Caste Reservation (SC/ST/OBC), Motor Vehicles
BDO Office Website - www.barrackpore1block.gov.in, AMC
Schemes/Fund/Project Monitoring
PUP, GoWB Webbased Scheme MIS, Office Support, (WEBEL Informatics Ltd.)
Agri Market, GoWB Webbased Agri Market Price Information updating, Cold Storage Information, Agri Market Directory, Survey, (WEBEL Informatics Ltd.)
PWD, GoWB LOC Fund Monitoring (WEBEL Informatics Ltd.)
ETDC, GoWB Computer Consultancy, Training, Corporate Franchisee, EDP, Govt. Deptt. Computerisation, C&SSI Nodal Agency
CESC, GoWB File Movement, Construction System Bill Monitoring ERP
State 3rd Finance Commission Data processing and generation of tables & reports.